IBM 2012 fourth quarter and full year results

Recently IBM published the 2012 fourth quarter and full year results. If you want to quickly glance through the key points from this report, you will need many eyes. I know you have only one pair of eyes , but I am referring to the cool innovative project by IBM - Many Eyes . What does it do ? One of the tools of Many Eyes called "Word Tree", quickly co-relates unstructured text data and creates an informative live visualization. It's a simple to read and complex to develop tool, which takes in the entire text from the 2012 IBM report published here, and you can simply type words like "increased" , "decreased" , "revenue" , "growth" , "EPS", "earnings" and get quick details of the report. You may also search for Software groups like Tivoli, Websphere, Information Management, Rational , Lotus or even technologies specific searches like "main frames". If you are interested in what's up and what's down , just search "up" or "down".

You can read more about "Word Tree" here. Many eyes will surely make things easy to dig from a set of unstructured text data. If you are a computer expert, then "Word Tree" is a visual version of "suffix tree". One good option in this tool is, you can search for phrases with words "starting with"and "ending with".


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