Sinhgad Institutes TV Commercial

A TV commercial launched by Sinhgad Institutes. This is the place where I studied my Bachelor's in Computer Science. Its the first TV commercial ever ...

Studied computer engineering @ Sinhgad College of Engineering with an ambition to become a software engineer. At the beginning of my engineering career, I always doubted the correctness of the equation x = x + y , since the variable x cannot be on both sides of the assignment operator ( that's what we learned in our school days ) ... however this was just the beginning to the world of 1's and 0's. After 3 years of my course, I realized that I haven't learnt much about programming or applied the acquired knowledge, but rather its the way I think & my logic to implement things have changed. I had started thinking like a computer & a geek trying to know what's happening when a 'printf("Hello World")' command is executed.

Maggie and a cup of coffee were my best engineering tools.


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